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Hi David, I did read about your special a while ago. I think the James Bond's suiting used in the film is 50% cashmere and 50% mohair; therefore, more luxurious and higher priced than the two fabrics I was thinking of getting. How is the James Bond's fabric colour? I thought it is black? Do you think 215gms is too light and too see through for tuxedo? Thanks!
I am wondering if any member here have experience with Taylor & Lodge Mohair/Wool blend fabrics for Tuxedo? The fabrics in question are A190 2 (215gms, midnight blue, 70% Super 150s & 30% Summer kid mohair) and A46 1 (330 gms, midnight blue, 40% wool & 60% summer kid mohair). I am living in Taiwan now and would require something light and airy. How is their colour of midnight blue compare to say Smith's? Also, how do they wear? Thanks so much lads!
How close is your shirt's armhole to your armpit? I think the shirtmaker usually leave some allowance?
If my shirt has high armhole, how close should the armhole on a fitted waistcoat be relative to the shirt? 1 or 2 cm allowance? Also, has any one put a "slit" on the side of a waistcoat on the lower part of the armhole?
What is the guideline on the armhole of a bespoke waistcoat? Does it need to be as high as the jacket's? Thanks!
Nice sport coat with action back....I am in the process of commissioning a military style coat with action back too. Which tailor are you using for this project?
I received mine this weekend. They are really nice!!
I have posted pics up on my photobucket account.
I will try to get a pic hosting site to post some pics up. How do I post pics??
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