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I have three pair of RLPL linen pants. Two of them I wear to work regularly (Tan & light green). The other pair, bright lavender, only makes it out for casual events
Merci! I'm going to switch over to dyes instead of polish and see how that works.
Some of this may just be how the colors are displayed on my monitor. I'd like to see more contrast between the shirt and the square. Probably a slightly darker shirt. Perhaps the FHES-Ven-5-463. I might also go with some pattern in the square such as a paisley in which case I like the lighter shirt. Also, I think the color value of the pants and tie are too similar. In real life there might be enough contrast in hue between them, but that doesn't come through in...
I've been looking for a good deal on some lace up dress/country boots for some time and not having any luck. In the event that any of you runs across something (or have something), please let me know. Style wise I'm looking for something like the AE Compton or Brantley, Loake Burford, etc. Any color other than black (unless it's a really great deal). No suede or chukkas (the closet is full of suede and chukkas). Leather sole. US size 7D.
The project so far . . . This evening I stripped the black polish off the shoes. I hit them with acetone which first took off the gloss leaving a matte finish. Continued application of acetone and elbow grease then took them down to a very dull finish. At this point I poured laundry bleach over them and rubbed them down with a wash cloth. I rinsed them down with water and left them to dry. The pic below shows one stripped shoe and one with the original finish. ...
Well I actually want to make a pair of black shoes blue, but Crystal Gayle wasn't as helpful with the lyrics. Hopefully you guys will be more cooperative. I've got an old pair of Bruno Magli cap toes that I want to play with. The effect I'm looking for is a shoe that can essentially be worn as black, but conveys a hint of blue. I'm not sure how I should go about it. I've thought about just hitting the shoes with a dark navy staining polish, but I'm not sure that...
Quote: Originally Posted by dave Hooraaay!! I'm 50's! add a pair of chuck taylor's to the cuffed jeans and pomade and you're there! Better yet . . . PF Flyers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sartorian OT: anyone know how to make that upside-down question mark (Costa, I'm assuming you're using a Spanish keyboard)? ┬┐like this? Alt+0191 (on the numeric keyboard) assuming you're using Windows. ^^^ What lawyers do when we're bored.
Just the headline for this auction made me throw up a little bit in my mouth. "New Mens Black Square Toe Tuxedo Shoes"
Quote: Originally Posted by migo 31.5" sleeve?? I'm 5'2" and my sleeve's in the low 20' must have some long arms man. Methinks we're measuring from different points. Sleeve measurements for shirts start from the center of the neck. Measuring from the shoulder I'm probably 23-24"
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