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I think the Byron is on the 4 last. This is what AE says about the 4 last: "Modeled after the 7 Last, but with a fuller, squared-off toe." AE says the 7 last is best for the average foot. The two pair of AEs that I have on the 4 last are both C width and are snug but comfortable. I usually wear a 7D. In short, I'd say the 4 is very true to size. Now, having had a look at your avatar, I feel the need for a big dish of beef chow mein.
Boo! If one chooses to bow to the tyranny of the masses there is always Walmart. Honestly, it's probably the best choice for most. I think quirky is something that you have to grow into.
Every year Washingtonian magazine picks its 100 best "cheap eats". They also do the 100 best in the city each year. When I lived there I usually tried to eat my way through the list.
I'm not thrilled with the Greenwich. But then I've always been iffy about Chelseas (even though my RM Williams Craftsman are among my favorite shoes). To me the Greenwich is too dressy and too country. I love the Welland. I'd like it even more with a cap toe. Also, is the Cottesmore the same as the Polo Holland?
I'll be the voice of dissent here. I like the idea of a slightly contrasting button hole on the first sleeve button. I wouldn't do the lapel button though (but I love J's idea of a high contrast on the back). For example, with a gray chalk stripe, I might pick up the stripe color for the first button hole. Personally, I like details that are a little different so long as they're not garish. I'd also go for the 2.5, but that's only because I think they look better...
I picked up a Timothy Everest on eBay. It was MTM or bespoke. It's a fabulous suit. It's not traditional, but if the alterations come back even halfway decent, this will likely be my favorite suit. I was concerned that Everest was going to be all design and light on quality, but this is a solid suit even if the design is a bit forward. I think it would be worth the time to check out what they have to offer.
Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf Since when were Americans better dressed than the any other nationality anyway. Very un-Swiss! We know you think it, we just don't expect you to say it. If you're not careful, people might start thinking you're from the Netherlands.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Ventless is evil Mmmmm. That explains the disembodied voice that told me to close up the vents on some of my single-vent jackets. On the other hand, the jackets look so much slimmer now. Ya gotta admit, evil has worn the better outfits.
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 I just got the hutch and fultons on sale from scoops. Unfortunately I was not aware that the honeycombing would sit on the back of my calves as opposed to the back of my knee. I usually wear sewns at a 34 because the 33s are way too tight on me. Now I have to sell them. Buyers beware. Hehe. Been there. Gave the pants away to someone here on the forum. In my case (standing only 5'3") the...
Quote: Originally Posted by yoyo i guess my leopard print thongs would be ok then? I knew Steve-O was a member of this forum. You could tell from the sartorial upgrade between Jackass I and Jackass II.
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