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I think whoever was the first person to look at this post grabbed them. When I looked at this post it only showed "1" view. I immediately sent an email (less than 9 minutes after the original post and someone had already beaten me to the punch. Congratulations Speedy!!! Unless of course you intend to flip them in which case I say, "Fie evil villain, I bite my thumb at thou. A pox upon your family."
Quote: Originally Posted by knittieguy From a purely legal perspective, I don't believe schmegal is a word. From a purely empirical perspective, it does generate 4,110 hits on Google.
This is an interesting issue. Legal issues such as where the transfer of title took place could be looked at, but in a B2C transaction, I think that supplies the correct answer, I don't think that it provides the "right" answer. Start with the premise that neither party is at fault. It was an error by the shipper. The buyer was given the option to purchase insurance, but declined. Plus one for the shipper, but still not satisfying. Why should the seller have to...
Hire a private eye to follow around edmorel and chorse.
Somehow they appear to be the perfect shoe to wear to the premiere of Transformers.
For those not a hop, skip and a jump away from the NYC garment district, I've recently purchased a number of button sets from this ebay seller:
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector Something sounds very masculine and invigorating about shaving with a straight razor, which I've never done. There is something invigorating (and oddly relaxing) about starting your day with a straight razor shave. You get to replace a mindless chore with something that requires you wake up and pay attention. My personal favorite razor is the Feather Artist Club. I like it because I get a...
I think it's just a FIH tied up near the skinny end. I see this type of knot on a lot of tall guys where it looks really odd because it's small and seemingly more so in proportion to their size.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 Get thicker ties. The flimsy ones tend to come loose with neck movement. I find that the nature of the silk can be as much (or greater) factor in whether a FIH will slip. I find that satin ties slip more than those with a bit of texture.
1. Over 2. Under 3. Around 4. Through Please paypal me $13.95.
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