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Quote: Originally Posted by m_wave yes as a designer comic sans is against our "art moral" too.. Art Moral? Isn't that our Ed Moral, . . . er Art Morel. Crap, where did I put my orange cords?
FWIW the only shoe sale I noticed currently running on Jermyn street was at Trickers.
There's a Marshall's in Crossroads. The Cary TJ Maxx is on Walnut street by the mall. I was in there on Saturday. The didn't have any Pantherellas while I was there. To be honest, I've never seen anything but junk in either store. Just my luck that the one time this store (which is a stone's throw from my office) has something decent, I'm thousands of miles away in London. On the plus side, the Tricker's sale at the Jermyn street store started this morning.
Better yet, go back to the store, buy all the Pantherellas and sell them to me at $5/pair.
Ed was selling some of these cords earlier in the year, so I think it's a safe bet that he approves.
I really, really, really like my Concept2 rower.
This one, Clocky, is even more fun. When the alarm goes off, it rolls off you nightstand and then rolls around the room until you get up and shut if off.
Creed Bois du Portugal Creed Green Irish Tweed Bulgari Black Knize Ten Varvatos Kenzo pour homme
This is what has worked for me. YMMV. 1. Learning to eat sensibly while not denying myself anything. I think if you deny yourself and/or starve yourself, you just can't keep it up. I eat french fries, dessert, delicious cheeses, etc. I just don't eat them at every meal anymore. When I'm going to have something "bad" I try to make sure it's really good. Thus, I'll eat a fat-ladened burger, but it will be a damn good burger rather than a microwaved pedestrian...
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