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I just received a bottle from www.1stperfume.com last week. It was just fine. I bought a number of fragrances in the past few weeks and the Knize Ten and Bulgari Black have been the favorites around the office. Other fragrances that fared well were Creed Bois du Portugal, Yang, Kenzo pour homme. Creed Epecia has received mixed reviews. Rolo
I bought a "Scholar" briefcase from Customhide last year. I have mixed feelings about it. The biggest problem I have with it is with the edge bindings. The leather is not dyed through and they are not rolled over. Accordingly, the edges show a very light color (probably not as noticeable on the lighter cases, but I have dark brown) and since the edges are not finished, they're a bit raggedy. Also, the website says "antique solid brass hardware," but the buckles have...
The bad news is that even if you go to court and win, the amount you win is likely to be unsatisfactory. You are entitled to your damages. Most of us think of this as the value to repurchase the ruined clothes. Unfortunately, what was ruined weren't new clothes, but used clothes. Accordingly, what you would usually be awarded is amount sufficient to acquire equivalent used clothes. In most instances, if a cleaner ruins your clothes, you're pretty much out of luck...
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