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Quote: Originally Posted by PianoMan99 Yes, I understand that. But I have a great deal of difficulty finding used sport jackets that fit me, especially on eBay, since my chest is about a 38 and my waist about a 33 yet I have broad shoulders. So I usually go for a slim fitting 40r when I get one OTR. I don't think you're as hard to fit as you think. If these are 40Rs, you need to look at 38Rs. These jackets are way too big through the...
Today I took delivery of a 3-piece suit I purchased on eBay. I have mixed feelings about the suit. It's a custom or MTM job out of HK (Williams, I've never heard of them). The fabric has been pressed to death and it's a bit funky -- an olive green with a red/fuscia pinstripe. It is fully canvassed with lots of hand work (though some of it sloppy), hand-sewn button holes, etc. The kicker though is the fit is absolutely perfect. I can wear this thing with no...
To my eye they are both too large. Jacket 1 is too long and there is so much extra fabric through the body I don't think there is any salvaging it. Jacket 2 is a better length but there is still too much fabric in the back for my tastes. I would also want my shoulders to be narrower.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sartorian Thanks for this. I'm a 14 1/2. You think the collars are semi-spread? I can't tell from those unhelpful photos. The first one I received was semi-spread. I haven't received the other 4 yet. They'll probably arrive tomorrow, but I'll be out of the office until next Monday so I won't be able to check. This is a pretty good representation of the collar.
F . . . ! So much for my bespoke order with Coppertone.
My advice here is very different that what you'd get from me if you were working somewhere other than a restaurant environment. First and foremost. Clean, clean, clean clothes. Whatever it is you're wearing, it should be washed before every shift. Grimy clothes cause customers to worry about you and your restaurant's hygiene practices. Next. Tailoring. It is better to spend less on the clothes so you have money left to get them to a tailor so that they fit. Even...
What last are these puppies on (and what other AE models are made on that last)? Half a size down and one width up is a very nice fit regardless of what the Brannock says. I agree with GDL about the height of the toe box. That's the only place where I feel I have extra room.
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater I'm not sure what you mean by "tone" your body, but I'm pretty sure I can hit all of the major muscle groups with a pair of dumbells: Shoulders: db military presses Lats: Dumbell Rows Chest: Dumbell bench presses Biceps: Curls Triceps: overhead presses with single db Abs: crunches Quads: Dumbell lunges Hams: Dumbell deadlifts Cafs: Calf raises holding dumbells. Also, even using a relatively...
Zegna has stores in Sydney & Melbourne.
Quote: Originally Posted by Aries javyn, those look good but does the squareness of the powerblocks take getting used to in any way. I'm sure the weight disrtibution etc is the same as conventional dumbells, but are there any differences in lifting perceived or otherwise? I don't notice the squareness at all when I'm lifting. On the plus side, they don't roll away when they're on the floor. I also use them as push up bars.
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