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1. If you go with a lighter horn button, I don't think you'll have the orphan problem. 2. Given STP's return policy, order them both and send back the one you like least. Heck, even if neither one works, it only cost $5 to find out.
Tres UPS.
Quote: Originally Posted by cdalleninc I'm a guy that would wear a nice chalk-pinstriped business suit driving a Mercedes S-class - that's my personality. Crap, now I feel like I need to sell my car.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday I assume you mean vertical stripes, rather than horizontal. Don't see many horizontally striped suits out there ... But you must admit that Trapper John had the "pinstripe suit to end all pinstripe suits."
Wow! I guess I was the only one who would be willing to take a flier on squares unseen. Either that, or I scared everyone off with the orange corduroy idea. Bummer, I kind of like the idea of a little something unexpected showing up in the mail now and then.
You should check out Manton's post on combining patterns.
Quote: Originally Posted by TennesseeCMC Basically the problem is that I still seem to have a belly a loose pecs. Not badly, but my torso just won't tighten up. My muscle mass has improved greatly, my cardio is dramatically bettter, but appearance wise nothing is changing. I know that feeling. I've lost a lot of weight over the past year (about 30% of my current body weight) and while I generally look much better, I can still "pinch and...
Looking Kent's pink seersucker square and then browsing the new website, it dawned on me that we need a Pocket Square of the Month Club. I can't be only one that would take a flyer on this even with the knowledge that every so often I'm going to get a square that I'll never wear (but I could always gift it to someone). I'm wondering what would attract more customers: (1) A lower average price per square or (2) The same (or perhaps premium) price but with the...
Quote: Originally Posted by LSeca Kilts can me macho can't they? Just keep telling yourself you're not a nancy in a skirt.
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