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Three words: Mork, Shields, Yarnell. Don't give up the dollar so fast!
I have the exact same problem (though the orange pants don't look too bad in the photo). My guess, however, is that the orange pants only look that way right when you put them on. After wearing them for a just a little bit, the waist will fall in the back and you'll get saggy on each leg right below your butt. On almost every pair of pants I get, even if I size down to a EU42, I almost always have to have the seat taken in and adjustments made to the crotch. I...
FWIW: I'm 5'3" with a 31.5" sleeve. I get almost all of my MTM barrel cuff shirts with a double button. I don't think they make my arms look shorter. In fact, what seems to make my arms look short is (1) a sleeve that is too long and/or (2) a sleeve that is too wide. While in absolute numbers, my arms may be short; they're not short in proportion to the rest of my body. Thus, if the shirt is too big, it makes my arms look short. When things are tailored...
Seersucker pants with a navy blazer is not an uncommon sight in these parts during the summer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sator If that is your wish I suggest wearing opera pumps instead You'd wear her grandmother's shoes instead?
STP also has some Thurston braces on sale. They're above you're price range, but they're great braces for $27. Also, if you buy three pair, you can use the code 55000 to get 20% off. http://www.sierratradingpost.com/sea...criptions=True
Skip the jeans.
55000 for 20%. I think the minimum purchase needs to be $75.
The good news is that the jeans don't make you look gay. The bad news is that a DiCaprio poster in your bedroom does. Honestly, the sooner you learn to blow off the critics, the happier you'll be in life. You'll also find that confidence in what you're doing will silence the critics faster than anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sator and as the coup de grace a partner much taller than he. Ahh ... but it makes slow dancing so much more fun. That, and leg room in coach, are the greatest advantages to being 5'3".
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