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Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I sold another pair in June
Quote: Originally Posted by JR88 cut more like traditional dress slacks. Those six words, more than the wale, will determine whether your cords look casual or dressy. I have a pair of Valentinis and a pair of Levi 514s that have fabric that looks almost identical. One pair looks good with dress shoes, the other goes well with Chucks. It all comes down to the cut.
The button holes are not that far off. Given that the material provides a nice grid, you can see that the first hole (nearest the cuff) is spaced a little bit further apart than the other holes (6 lines vs 5). Visually, the problem seems to be the top button (farthest from the cuff). I assume this is the non-working button. It appears to be stitched below the button hole. I think if the button was reattached in its proper position, things would look fine.
If I didn't already have the Lauderdale in Chili, I'd jump on those.
Quote: Originally Posted by lance konami Also important is the type of calories that you're consuming. 300 calories from twinkies and donuts are very different from 300 calories of spinach. That's for certain. You can find numerous sources (med journals) on the web that discuss the differences in the thermic effect of eating different types of food. Protein rank much higher than simple carbs. You'll also find articles about the...
Isn't Size 29 the smallest that Earnest Sewn makes?
You might want to take a look at Bookster1UK's store on eBay: This seller has introduced his own line of tweedy goods which were favorably reviewed by Andy on the Ask Andy forums. I haven't purchased any of these from this seller, but I've dealt with the seller in the past and received excellent service.
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh In that case you're in trouble. We can tell a Northeast Yankee Lawyer from a Good Ole Boy Texas Lawyer everytime, no matter what you wear That's because they pronounce "Bexar" the way it's spelled. (True story)
Quote: Originally Posted by Anders I called two SF tailors today after work and both said it would cost $30-$35 to shorten arms and bring in both arms and waist. Doesn't seem like its worth spending that much to tailor mediocre/poor dress shirts. If it was $10-$15 a shirt, like other people have mentioned, I would probably get them tailored. I pay $35-38 to have all that work done and find it well worth it. While taking in the sides and...
For the shirt, check out
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