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PMed on the Mabitex (Pair 4)
Brioni has been know to go with some pretty extreme prints.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason If you really want to hit people with sticks, go with Kali or escrima. The problem with all of these is you are facing someone that wants to hit you with a stick. What I've seen of Escrima is absolutely insane. You at least get some padding in Kendo.
I vote for Kendo. You get to hit people with sticks.
Quote: Originally Posted by doink Why did you break up with your last girlfriend? Pesky restraining orders.
Quote: Originally Posted by ragdoll Please note that the sizes listed are US sizes not Au. Picked up a pair in chestnut. Thanks for the info. Given that they're showing widths in "G" I think they are the AU sizing even though they're listing them as US sized.
A number of different styles and sizes at decents BINs.
I've got the stumpy arms for the jacket, I'll just wish for pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit Yeah, how much? Can one truly put a price on Vagisoft?
A stunning new innovation from the folks at Cordarounds: VAGISOFT POCKETS We set out to engineer silly luxury into every nook & cranny of this coat. So how could we pass on pocket liner fabric that feels like the pouch of a cloud kangaroo....the womb of a marshmallow mermaid... analogies fail to evoke the feel of this ridiculously soft fabric -- a fabric you simply have to feel to understand. Ahhhh...Vagisoft These are...
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