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Some nice Drake's ties
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel ^Agreed. Take good care of yourself, Will. Although we've never met in person, I'd still miss you like hell if anything happened to you. Strongly cosigned.
Does anybody know how often Oi Polloi releases coupon codes? They had one in February, I believe, and then March. Nothing in April. Does anyone know if it's likely they'll release one this month or early next? Do they do sales often?
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE :RJcat: Perhaps you can pace your posts so they aren't so epic in length each time? Not everyone enjoys everything you link, thought we all pick and choose. If it's a real service you wish to do, do that PS: Still keeping an eye out for those coral links for ya Just to note, I more or less only come here to read what RJ has posted. It helps to see the long entries, so I know what to scroll past.
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 No ad hominem here. Except for those weirdo glasses. I think criticism of J Crew is warranted if they're going to brag about their amazing documentary filmmaker and call their promotional video a "film." The whole thing is really contrived. Buying shirting from Thomas Mason is not that impressive. It is a film. It's also a motion picture, a video, and a movie. They praise the documentary maker for the same...
Jesus, what is wrong with you people? It went from zero to shrill in less than 10 seconds. I understand that there is a lot of criticism to be said about J Crew, but viciously attacking some woman on the internet is ridiculous. Also, it's not like J Crew stuff is awful at their sale prices. You can get a shirt for $25, which is a fine price for what it is. Not to mention they're stocking some great third party makers right now and introducing those good products in mall...
Price drop.
Price drops.
Also, I think these Vietnamese Goodyear welted shoes may be promising.
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