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GG. it happens to 69% of the guys here.
dopamine what suit is that in ur avatar? thats freaking skinny i doubt anyone can move in that lol but it certain does look cool. BTW how is ascot chang? is it worth the money? is it slim? im a skinny bastard with broad shoulders and chest
Man these are so interesting, i'm gonna look into it and maybe order one sooN!
Vincent and Vincent
Buy uniqlo stuff, i think that is excellente bang for buck. And comfortable too
Is US milsurp stuff well fitting? Some people say that it is coz the miltiary is generally in good shape however i thought the clothes were more designed for freedom of movement rather than for a good sartorial fit?
The thing about glasses is they can'tbe too large or they wont fit asian noses, and in particularly i mean the verticle width of the lenses. the new wayfarer works for me, i'll post up some pics
hmmm at first i didn't see the appeal of EG but now i guess its pretty trendy
so are the sales pretty much over? any more further markdowns on certain sites? coupon codes? or is this it...
Another thing i think is that dressing and being on style forum should really be about having fun. Sometimes people stress out about small trivial stuff like the OP suggested but really noone cares that much and its often not as bad as one on this forum might think. But yeah, people are right in saying you really are dressing for yourself, nothing wrong with that, but always remember to not be too obsessive about it and have fun!
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