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^exactly. but if you really like it then do it... do what u want! but i can't help thinking about how much of a douche bag the APC designer is. He's always complaining about how ugly stuff is... be it fashion or art etc and yet his clothing besides his jeans are shit too. Sometimes it makes me NOT want to buy APC and support the guy.
yea chrono is right, thats generally how i see it as well
I really like SNS herning, apparently the quality is heaps good but its expensive and i haven't seen it in person
they all go through a good boning before they are slaughtered and skinned. GOOD.
will buy if 200
measurements on coprus
what material is the trench made of?
how much for intnl shipping
how durable would you say the thin fragile looking sole is on the comeys?
you must be pretty cut. Def avoid dropping it but i saw some on ebay before
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