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Nil, these expectations are not unrealistic. Plenty of good stores respond wihin 48 hours. I think 48 hours is acceptable. NOT 10 freaking days. It would be unreasonable to expect instant replies, but 10 days is far too long. I think you would be silly if you thought that in this day and age email is a bonus supplementary service. Email is so essential now that it serves as one of the main forms of correspondence especially for an ONLINE store. And it's not always...
yeeeeee cmon canstyleace, just jkin around eh? But I'm still looking for some boots to buy. Anywhere else got the cheap redwing genitleman's traveler boot??
so rag and bone is considered to be THE dress jeans?
I wear cashmere/silk blend socks. SO sexy man feel so smooth.
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlieAngel NO shit. I had them in my watch list and saw this post... Fuck. YOU BASTARD. Yea that guy is a fuck! Maybe he's the seller and hes using a pretty effective selling tactic....
Quote: Originally Posted by jet They've been very courteous to me over the phone, not all stores check and respond to emails every day. Hence gimmeshoes has poor customer service. I don't want to sound like a spoilt brat, but it would be quite a good idea for them to answer emails more frequently - for the sake of their business.
Quote: Originally Posted by canstyleace these may go cheap, sadly too big for me: Yeah they might've went cheap until you posted this for all the would be GT buyers to buy!!!
gimme shoes is so bullshit. shipping to aud is 156 US apparently. I emailed them and it took 10 days for them to respond. they didnt even tell me how much it will actually cost.
^ yea but APC is cheaper!
Copped a united bamboo red plaid shirt from OC as well as an ervell harrington jacket. hope it all fits!
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