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damn this is so nice but i thought this was gonna actually be about whiskeys and cigarz
its pretty sexy unless u buy the ones that are like covered in logos. wear if u are a guido (and i don't mean phat guido). Wear if u are azn or korean. Some cool jackets to be had from this brand.
looks great i must say
I wear black skin which is perfectly fine in this day in age. If this was 1930 on the other hand...
can i come too.
oki-ni is a great place to shop from, great service except my last order was cancelled since stock ran out!!! grrr It's been around for over 10 years, and it makes pretty good basics, but yea very similar to stuff like RO, Doma etc. Would cop if on sale though coz those sweats are like $197 AUD but im not used to paying more than $30 for nike sweats.
^ exactly what i did.
I'm looking to pick up a pair of claud maus ones, a melbourne based brand.
Just to add, the redundancy and poor customer service of their online presence really hurts them from growing as a business online. Sure they may be doing fine at their bricks and mortar store but they are hurting their sales potential with a weak online presence. stores like oki-ni and revolve wouldn't be what they are today if they didnt have easy to use efficient websites with great customer service/email support.
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