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Got fit pics on that one???
chuck bass is fucking cool man! only he can pull it off and most people just envy that he's a cunt!
Quote: Originally Posted by Biscotti REALLY want these, can't find a better picture. Anyways... Something looks a bit off about these... if looking for something similar how is B-Store? Or is quality shiet?
BB1 don't cop. I wouldnt use it for business wear
Quote: Originally Posted by super Cop or No Cop??? These are on sale at revolve for $219US.... do you think these are versatile and different enoguh to warrant a cop?!
Cop or No Cop???
the markup is rediciulous... our spot when it used to be open sold a shirt for $400AU. it retailed for 135 pounds. i bought it on sale for 67 pounds - $140AUD
damn that got me hard.
sorry the pics arent the best. unfortunately they're short by 1cm! =(
New Herringbone Suit (it's actually an old season made in japan one).
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