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Does anyone know the quality on common projects officer ankle boots... They are being sold here and i think i might be able to get them a bit cheaper than retail.|240%3A1318 I know about the tried and true shoe makers, but one cannot just dismiss them without handling them in person. Has anyone had experience with them?
Hey does anyone know the quality of Common Projects Officer Ankle Boots?|240%3A1318 Theres a pair being sold here which could be quite a bit cheaper than retail... and was wondering if this shoe would be a shoe that will be good quality and last. Are the soles glued or welted? They have a really nice shape...
Eric, Congrats on this one. But like everyone has said, if you don't get a good website ASAP, you could potentially turn off lots of potential customers that are generated from this press. Appearance is everything. Especially for someone new.
yea zappos has heaps.
It's not TOO bad, but thats generally how classic fit RL polos fit. try getting Custom fit polos next time. But it is possible to alter the length of it. It's actually not hard at all. It's a simple cut and fold and overlock which anyone who deals with clothes can do.
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