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Just read the hypebeast interview with APC, man the APC designer sounds like an obnoxious douche. Saying brands like H&M Uniqlo etc have a lack of thinking and poor quality and its disrespectful. What the fuck is that even supposed to mean? APC isn't even great quality and its no where near the price of those brands mentioned. I think he lacks a bit of thought himself.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mazda Learning how to spell may increase your ability to earn $420. Very constructive mazda, just like all your other posts. Anyways, prada like the other well known luxury labels Gucci, LV, Dolce etc get alot of hate from the fact that they get alot of press/ads and worn by people with poor style. this means that the ugly pieces from their collection (like any collection there will be bad and good pieces) are...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mazda Sigh. Sigh. I dun understand what you sigh about. If the OP doesn't like clothes and fashion as much anymore, then thats fine. e.g you may have been into football but then you slowly just stopped being into it as much. You can do something else instead like boxing or another sport or hobby. Do what you find fun and what you enjoy.
nah good fit, if you sized down one it would've put more pressure on the seams and high friction areas like the arm pits. as long as its very fitted it's good and of course leather will give over time.
dude fuck what u wear, this is a blessing in disguise. i've seen the biggest slouches in terms of dress sense and they bang hot women allthe time. life is more than just clothes and dressing well.
I used to think Dolce and Gabanna was shit. but after trying on the pieces from their collection that i would wear, i realised they have awesome cuts. The quality is great too. obviously if you are a suit construction connosiuer you would prize construction as your number 1 priority so that would be the scale in which you judge quality. But for the rest of us, you experience very high dminishing returns in quality as the pricepoint goes up. And anyways who really wears a...
SO FUCKING AWESOME. how do mcqueen's prices run and where can i cop in aus?
RRLs are in line with some of the best denim available and by no means an inferior product. it's just RRL can be had for cheaper than rest
I've seen some people look stylish in looser clothing, where they look relaxed, without being daggy. As for bobo i dunno the appeal about his look... he looks a bit daggy/nerdy to me but I don't mean to disrespect. enlighten me if you will.
my nipple ring
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