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Thanks journeyman! Would love to see pics of yours as well. I think my suit is slightly on the small side. When I went to see ethan he offered me a 40 suit and have that taken in where needed. I found this suit in another store and it didnt need any alterations other than to increase the sleeve length, but even then it's still on the short side. I guess this is more of a fashiony shrunken suit style than a classic fit. I think i'll go back to the macquarie place store and...
Thanks for this!
I woulda thought it was eric glennie.
cultizm is the cheapest place
This is the suit i bought last month... osaka cut in navy... one of the older made in japan ones. Ethan from herringbone did tell me that just because the suits moved to china doesn't mean that quality is any worse.
oh yea and the collar is a little bit on the tall side for my tastes i'd go down 1cm in collar height. but thats a personal prefernec
generally a good fit i'd say, maybe collar is about 1cm too big, and maybe take in a bit of excess fabric at the back of the shirt... but not too much that you will be uncomfortable to move.
where do you guys find nice ties, and what kind of basics in ties should I get to get started with business wear?
wow that looks like a black coatedz denim so cool. what a wonderful texture!!!
nah i've seen this shit in person. $100 for a piece of shit material tee shirt? No thanks
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