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Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you jdmay: why do you flip the yoox stuff on b&s instead of just returning it to yoox? i thought there was no downside to returning stuff to their site? yoox sample sale = final sale
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Here are some samples of the shirts we made this time, in some unseen fabrics: >cornflower blue narrow hickory stripe Hopefully one of the white oxfords shown earlier is mine and fits without pulling in the chest (the bane of my existence), because I want this too.
Surprised only one other person mentioned Bank of America thusfar. Yesterday I checked my account, find out that I made the mistake of believing their statement of my account balance in my savings account. Transferred money that apparently didn't exist into my checking account to make a purchase, the money disappears from my savings account, get hit with an NSF fee there, plus the overdraft fee for my checking account amounts to $70 because they list my pending balance...
Rainy day.
Can't remember if this was discussed, but do you offer any modifications to the shirts (e.g. no pocket, short sleeves, different buttons)? Does this fall under the MTM category?
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester lol look at this obliterated package from yoox. Every package I get from them looks the same way, like it was attacked by angry fashion gnomes. Am I the only one, or am I receiving special vip treatment here? contents were undamaged btw, amazingly. I've had the same treatment of every yoox order I've placed. Nothing damaged either, but never had anything else delivered that looked as beat up.
More bizz cazz for this page BB Yigal Azrouel Gordon Rush
Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice Those pose is awkward (and trust me, I know about awkward poses) but this looks good Thanks. I find it hard to not look awkward when taking pictures for the internet. Quote: Originally Posted by otter like the jacket, hate the shoes I rarely wear sneakers, but was feeling summery today, despite the rain for the past week. Glad we found a TOJ moto you don't hate...
I have a feeling I'm going to get lost in the otterchat.
I just picked up their trench for $400 from Stel's, and it's 465 pounds (~$700) on oki-ni. Really like it without the hood. Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Just picked up the new Nom de Guerre Desert Corp Jacket in medium from Brigade: Starting SS10, Nom de Guerre drastically reduced the retail for stateside stockists, so the...
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