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More drops
Price drops.
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah anybody who owns RC, is the number listed on the inside of the shoe the US size or UK ? US size.
All prices include CONUS shipping. (1) Lova blue glenplaid blazer 42 (fits slim) SOLD Nice blazer (notch lapel, dual vented) that I'd keep if it didn't fit a bit too tight in the chest. Fits more like a slim 40 IMHO. Retail was $700 ish, was up on Gilt a few weeks ago for ~$220. A 42L RLBL fits me really well OTR, this is a bit tight in the chest but fits well otherwise. Measurements: s2s: 17" p2p: 20" sleeves: 27" length:...
I know they've been discussed to death, but I finally got my GATs from Germany ebay, and I'm really impressed with them. They look a lot nicer in person than in any of the shots I've seen, and are definitely worth the hassle of dealing with German ebay. That being said, do be prepared to wait on shipping. I won my auction on June 23rd, and they just arrived today.
Stel's in Boston started their warehouse sale. 75% off, lots of w+h, gellar, NdG, etc.
Hey Drew, I know you just talked about reducing customizability, but has anyone ordered any suede harrington variations, specifically with a different pocket style? Wondering what it would look like.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira IF you use IE you'll have to go through the page source and look for ".png" image files, if you use FF you can just right click and go to "View Image Info" and scroll through until you find the right image Link to the ridiculously large image Thanks!
We'll see what it looks like in person, but DVN Suit (how do you copy yoox images?)
This is the outfit of someone that does that: Is that who you want to be?
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