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For anyone that has both an SNS Herning Stark and Fisherman, did you get the same size in both?
Shoes sold, one final final drop until ebay.
Last drops till I put them on ebay on Monday.
Drops again, probably going on ebay sometime next week.
Drops on the shoes / blazer. Aldens end in 3h, still pretty cheap.
Drops again
More drops
Price drops.
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah anybody who owns RC, is the number listed on the inside of the shoe the US size or UK ? US size.
All prices include CONUS shipping. (1) Lova blue glenplaid blazer 42 (fits slim) SOLD Nice blazer (notch lapel, dual vented) that I'd keep if it didn't fit a bit too tight in the chest. Fits more like a slim 40 IMHO. Retail was $700 ish, was up on Gilt a few weeks ago for ~$220. A 42L RLBL fits me really well OTR, this is a bit tight in the chest but fits well otherwise. Measurements: s2s: 17" p2p: 20" sleeves: 27" length:...
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