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Both up on ebay:
Last drops before ebay. Will go up sometime tomorrow or Tuesday.
Selling a few things that don't quite fit right. All prices are CONUS. Both pieces were worn maybe 10 times. 1. NdG blue marled cardigan L (fits quite slim) $110 This has raglan sleeves, so the s2s and sleeve measurements are approximate p2p:\t\t19.5" s2s:\t\t17" sleeve:\t26.5" length:\t26" 2. Wings & Horns diamond knit cardigan M $80 p2p:\t\t20" s2s:\t\t17" sleeve:\t26" length:\t26"
Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 ^ Yikes, those shipping rates are the worst I think I've see from Canada. 30$ + 10$ tax within Canada as well Always a whining poor grad student concept.
Really close to grabbing that Geller, but $40 shipping sucks....
Just ordered this since I've been needing a duffel bag for a while. Thoughts?
SW&D lurker making my first MC post to get thoughts.
One of the rare occasions where I get to wear a suit.
Adding to the SF raid on Gilt. I got a M and L and I'll put the one that doesn't fit in B&S. Quote: Originally Posted by Kvc06
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