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Are the Paul Smiths TTS or do they run a little big? How close are they to the fit of the AEs you posted?
Quote: Originally Posted by cchen its on apparel only, maybe you have non-apparel items? That was it. Thanks!
Does anyone know if the discount only get applied once you actually purchase the item? It says "Discount taken at checkout", but it's still not there at the checkout page. Quote: Originally Posted by spreadcollar eluxury is 50% off sale prices, but there's just about nothing left. acne mics in size 34 are a steal for $59.50.
That's about what I figured for traffic. It is any lighter going back? I could try driving down a little earlier the first day I'm in town, but I'd like to be back in Westwood by 7 or 8. Jason: How long do fittings/measurements usually take?
What's the best way to get down to Pasadena from Westwood? I've got a conference coming up on the UCLA campus, and would like to go get measured. I'm guessing I'll need to rent a car, so how long would the drive take leaving at 5 or 6 pm?
Just bought a pair in Sand, and I sized down 1 (to a 9). They seem pretty tight, but my heel moved around a lot in the 9.5s. Can I expect these to stretch out a bit, or should I return them for 9.5s?
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