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I love the two pairs that I own, and that I got them for 75% off is even better. I agree with the green soled pair being fantastic. Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo How do these shoes fit? I really like the look. I'd say both pairs I own are TTS and fairly comfy.
In. Way too many 75% off sales this month.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug I heard stel's is at like 50-60%. The barneys coop is probably on sale like all barneys are. I doubt alan bilzerian ever really goes on sale but they probably have some stuff from prior seasons on sale. Those and drinkwater's are the only stores i really know of Stel's was staying at 50% until they get enough new stock, so there's no fixed end date on that. I was there a week ago and they had a few...
Thanks for starting that 75% off sale exactly when I was taking a break at my computer . How thick is the material on the W&H box rib cardigan? Could it be used as a fall jacket? Also, out of curiousity, would the peacoat be tagged as WvG?
Alife makes a chukka close to that style and is sometimes in that price range when on sale. Gilt just did an alife sale. http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/51731429/c/401.html And F-troupe also makes one that's a bit cheaper: http://www.revolveclothing.com/Displ...c=F+Troupe&d=b Quote: Originally Posted by gt33 is there anything similar to the generic man chuckman in the 50-80 dollar price range?
Can anyone comment on the sizing of the opening ceremony M2 desert boots? TTS? On their website they mark a 44 as being equivalent to a size 12, which seems very off. I wear a 10.5, and 44s usually fit me fine.
This sounds pretty awesome. How are you handling payments? CC or paypal? If it's the former, will you take Canadian credit cards (still shipping to a US address)? And since I'm sure someone else will ask, will you ship international?
Quote: Originally Posted by fosho Hey guys! Mauro got the hang tags for Wolf vs. Goat recently and wanted me to post pics, so here they are: Let the excitement build! Wolf vs. Goat will be available this Fall! p.s. - Just wanted to apologize on mine and Nathan's behalf for the e-mails getting backed up. We've been really slammed with things from the sale, but I spent the entire morning e-mailing people back so all questions should be answered. Sorry...
Can anyone recommend some sites/brands for replacement laces for dress shoes/boots? Preferably in some atypical colours.
I just got mine today (size 31) and the inseam is 32. Thanks again for the sale Mauro, these fit perfectly. Quote: Originally Posted by dv3 sushi: i just picked up a pair they are 35 Quote: Originally Posted by sushijerk Prob should have asked earlier but what is the inseam on the rb15 size 31? Are you guys stocking the standard 32 inch or the long 35 inch?
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