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Sneaking in another sizing question. I'm looking at the: >ts(s) Navy/charcoal cut-off two-button jacket size 4 and >oliver spencer Kessock navy Solms wool/cotton/alpaca mix jacket size 40 Would these work for someone who's usually a 40r? Mainly concerned with having enough room in the chest. I have an eidos blazer in the NMWA cut in a 40, and am happy with that fit, though I had to lengthen the sleeves and the chest in a touch tight.
Thanks everyone. If the person who bought the 48 (or 50) pants is on here and decides they actually don't want them, let me know!
Just received mine yesterday, kinda surprised that it fits as well as it does OTR. Is this cut like most of the other Eidos? This is the first things of theirs I've tried.Greg (or anybody else), any recommendations on a pocket square for this?Finally, I'm guessing I'm SOL on tracking down matching pants?
I may have missed this, but is there any sizing info available on the Sage de Cret parka?6'1", 180 lbs, usually a size 40, if that helps.
Just FYI, I ordered these in the past and returned them because they're actually purple. It's not obvious on the page, but it's really noticeable in direct sunlight. Nice boots for the price otherwise.
Hey Nan, do all Ls now have the taper?
What do you think shipping to the US would be?
Chest is 42", ordered a 42 in Loden. I think it's ever-so-slightly stretching, so it might be alright. Regardless, thanks again for organizing this!
Cardigan arrived today (Boston)! Color/construction is great, but unfortunately way too small . I should've sized up.....
Everything sold Ervell white club collar oxford (M) SOLD measurements: p2p: 20" arms: 23" length: 29" back shoulders: 17.5" Epaulet oxblood corded cloth (M) SOLD measurements: p2p: 20" arms: 23" length: 29" back shoulders: 18"
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