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Do all three have similar thickness despite the differing weights, or will the 500 gsm fabrics be a bit thinner?
Listed as sold out now, but a heads up for anyone who sees these around, they fit extra small. I usually wear a 44 is margiela boots, and I couldn't even get my foot into the 45s.
Hi, was any material removed when the jeans were hemmed? Or could they be let out to normal again?
Do the document coats all size pretty equivalently? I have last year's suede jacket in an M, and I'm happy with the fit, but I usually just have a tshirt on underneath. I'm specifically wondering about the padded coat and the documentation coat. Should I size up if i'll be wearing a suit jacket?
Missed the geller type 3s in my size yet again If there's any chance to preorder them, that'd be really useful! They seem to sell out instantly.
Is the sizing the same for the straw hat? No 0 in that.
Hard for me to say, as they were definitely too slim a cut for me. I already mailed them back, so I can't measure unfortunately.
They're definitely the type 1, since I ordered them on the off-chance that they'd be at least type 2. A size 32 is on its way back, in case anyone was looking for that size.
Is anyone else stocking the type 3 5-year fade that NMWA had? They went really fast.
Heads up for any 50Rs looking for the Eidos Blue Fresco suit, I'll regrettably be returning mine, so keep an eye out. It's an absolutely amazing suit though, gutted I can't keep it since it's exactly what I was looking for. Along those lines, anyone have a recommendation for suits/jackets at NMWA for someone with a slightly above average drop? The Eidos 50 fit me perfectly OTR before, but I've put on a bit of muscle in my shoulders, chest and legs, so it's gotten a bit...
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