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I just asked this question around a week ago and didn't get any replies, but I'm looking too. The best place (and I use that term loosely) I've found is denver fabrics and the plaids are here, but it gets down to flannels and wools very quickly...really only one or two in cotton that are passable. If you come across anything else, let me know. I never realized finding fabrics would be the hardest part of learning sewing. EDIT: Just realized you said wholesaler, contact...
Quote: Originally Posted by jselvedge Has anyone ever ordered them from Newbury Comics on I have - very fast shipping and a f*ck load of color variations.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert And as an aside, if anyone's been thinking about the utility jacket, go for it. I am wearing the hell out of this. It's perfect. Quote: Originally Posted by justtemple +1 I have been wearing my 3-4 times a week lately. I've been thinking of picking one up - though, I've never tried on one of their jackets - how's the fit compared to their L/S tailored? If you're a M in the BD,...
Quote: Originally Posted by kit99bar I just got the 33s and they measure 36 across I have J. Crew classic, urban, and vintage fits in a 33 waist and they either measure 33 or 34 across.
Anyone know where you can purchase plaid fabric like those shown below (or really any high quality fabric for shirts)? I'm just starting out sewing, am done practicing, and ready to move onto an actual shirt, but can't find anything I like. I've literally searched for hours online. I also live in DC, if anyone knows of anything in the area, but have been to several stores and they mostly carry cheap and cheesy stuff. Hope there are some sewers out there.
Ugh - hope mine don't come like that. That would bother the shit out of me - I'd feel like I was always walking to the left. Is leather working just not an exact craft or something - you have to guess your way through whether something is going to be straight?
Me too - last time I ordered on a Wed and got here on Friday.
Quote: Originally Posted by L.R. Recently ive fallen in love...... the new rag and bone selvage denim jacket. However, the $450 price tag makes it rather out of my league. Im wondering if anyone can suggest an affordable alternative? It doesnt need to be selvedge, but the darker denim is a must. Can anyone help? Here. I like the Nudie Conny, even with the back detailing.
^ Whoops, you're right. Hopefully that will help out someone.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kill_switch speaking of cps, is anyone selling the white court lows or knows the cheapest place to find them. revolve has them for 325 which is way too much. Commonwealth has them for $220.00 here.
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