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Quote: Originally Posted by LDRS MikeyyDiamond for sale 2XL LRG'z/ orisue LMAO For sale: 2 inch dick and NO swag
Quote: Originally Posted by LDRS MikeyyDiamond f u before i take a trip to northridge and I'd like to see you try to move around in them tight ass jeans you wear..
^ That has got to be the gayest screen name ever..
Someone sell me these pleaseeeeee
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese Received my "Used" CP's today - in practically new condition! Another bump for a great seller and an incredibly smooth transaction. Don't know why the rest of this stuff hasn't been picked up... Those were supposed to be mine
Any color, preferably Brown though. MUST HAVE TASSLES! Size 8.5 - 9 Like these.. Thanks!
If only those clarks where a size 10. So nice. Free bump, those clarks are a great deal.
Jet, I've sent you PM's to complete out CP transaction. The money has transfered. Please hit me back.
Pics of CP's?..
Bump. Still looking for a pair. Looking for a size 9 now also so it could fit to a US sz 11. Also looking for FBT Shaman Folks in size 11 and 12. Thanks!
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