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sideshot of serial number please..
Up for sale is a sand colored FBT seward in a size 10. Never worn by me, previous owner wore them 4 times max I'd say. Still buttery, crisp, and clean. $260 shipped to the Cont. U.S PM or email me at osalinas21@sbcglobal.net I respond faster by email Cheers!
Send me some offers
Waist is size 33, when i measured them they measured at about 17.5 inches. Hope that helps.
taking reasonable offers..
Lots of interest but no one has pulled the trigger..
^ Nice insert
Quote: Originally Posted by spongebob1991 Is there a crotch blowout? No crotch blowout. it has been reinforced to prevent one from happening, for the denim was getting a bit thin. I could take pix if you're interested. Let me know. Cheers.
Leg: 34.0"\t Rise: 10.0"\t Thigh: 10.5"\t Knee: 8.5"\t Hem: 7.5"
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