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I am 6'1 185ish should i go for a medium or large in the gitman overdye button downs?
Quote: Originally Posted by obiter dictum No idea, but IMO the vintage achilles in eu46 doesn't equal us13 exactly. It's more like a very long us12 or a very narrow us13. does common projects sell sizes higher than 46? that can fit a 13?
does anyone know where i can find the vintage navy achilles in 46? or us 13?
Quote: Originally Posted by linds_15 most probably. im 6'2 210 and got the xl, i found the l to be to small in the shoulders for me and not as comfortable, also im a xl in the loop hoodie I'm still unsure of whether or not to get a medium or large, the poster above with the fit pic bought a size small and he is 6'1
I am 6'1 about 175-180 and I was thinking of getting the devil twill jacket in large, am i picking the right size or should i size down?
Price drop, 205 shipped to us, 210 shipped internationally
shades are still for sale offering a low price one time deal for 210 shipped right now first person to pm me on this offer takes it
sorry about the bump, jeans are sold thank you
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