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Are there any short sleeve oxfords available in blue,white and pink?
looks like its not worth buying then =/almost close to retail including everythingill be on the lookout for some other cp sales
was that for all models or just a few?because i rarely see the achilles low in white going on for sale
if i am a true us size 13 will a 46 in common projects achilles low fit me comfortably? or is my longtime goal of obtaining a pair of common projects shattered due to my big feet?
Hello everyone, I am selling my barely worn high top margielas for a great price. they have been worn a few times and look basically brand new. minimal dye stains that can easily be washed or removed away because of the elegant fabric as mentioned on the guide on one of the pics. I am asking for 375 shipped anywhere, not including paypal fees. These retail for 610 brand new so its a great steal, not to mention a size 46 is almost impossible to find Paypal only and I am...
I actually have a size 46 pair of MMM high tops in brand new condition for saleBut i agree size 46 MMM are rare
is it okay to dry clean the overdyed oxfords?
hmmm im around your heightbut 6'1 185-190I'm wondering if i should go for a 50 or 52
just sent my email for a TOJ1 purchase before the deadline, hope you get it!
6'2 185ish athletic build would i be considered a 50 or 52 in toj1?
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