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what makes you think I'd be pushing it with a 13? I don't have wide feet but now I'm second guessing the purchase lol.I'm looking into getting the all black pair. How would you say the quality of the shoes are? Well worth the price? Do you see your pair lasting a year? And I've always wondered if wings and horns shoes come from the same manufacturer as common projects, is that true?
I'm getting it for a discount, only thing is theres no returns thinking of pulling the trigger which color do you have?
some sites say a size eu.45 is a us 11.5, I'm a us 13 so if i size down from 46 am i okay?
i can fit a eu 46 I'm a us 13, but can I fit a size 45 eu wings horns leather hi top sneaker? I heard you should size down one size but I want to make sure before i pull the trigger on $400 dollar sneakers
shouldi buy? on sale for 110, formally 224
want to know this as well
i was thinking that brass roller would be the perfect match also, I will pm you
what model and color is similar to the most basic standard utility belt like the ones from corter leather and tanner goods? currently looking through youre site and I'm confused on which belt to get. also how many oz's does the belt weigh and what is the width? thanks
does anyone have experience drying or shrinking your vintage chino flat front pants? mine are just a tad too big and i'd like to shrink them a bit but would whether not buy a new pair because my size is sold out and its not that big of a fit. The care instructions says do not tumblr dry (is this because they would shrink? because thats exactly what i want), I was wondering if anyone has gone aboutdrying them and how did they turn out? they are 100% cotton so i'd like to...
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