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chergui is still on.
Creed boutique
Alright so Aventus arrived and it's missing about 35mL. Your 50mL will go out Friday. I'll hang onto the remaining 15mL call them to try to settle it. Creed flacons are just a bitch to ship.
I think no one can find it in this section. Also, we need 2 more for Chergui.
Received L'air and finished decanting it. I won't be able to make it to the post office by closing so I'll put it out first thing on Monday.
Alright. Aventus is full, for real this time. PMs have gone out.
PMs for payment for Aventus split have gone out. edit: Looks like there's some complications with one of the parties so there's still 1 spot available. Please hold off on the payments for now.
Alright, PMs with my paypal address have gone out for L'air. I took the first 5 the said they were interested for sure. If you don't respond in the next 3 days, I'll move onto the next interested party.
Alright cool, so one last spot for L'air. Question to the parties interested in Chergui, is fragrancenet ok? That would bring the price down to about $106 for the bottle. I wouldn't buy creeds from them but I've never heard of counterfeit Serge Lutens so it's just a matter of freshness.
Last spot for Aventus! Speak up now. 2 more for L'air and Chergui.
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