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They're allowing the outlet for the UK? Freight forwarder? Really want the first one but been unable to find a proxy.Anyone in holland feel like proxying for your fellow Europeans, it would be really appreciated (46 )
Interesting stuff on the Clearance site, shame its not available for the rest of the EU yet. Looking forward to picking up a few things once it does go EU-wide. Thanks for the code LaurensJ p.s for those struggling, just change your shipping country from the drop down on the right to the Netherlands or the US and you'll be able to access the Outlet.
Wow didn't realise there is that much of a price discrepancy between UK and EU sites. Definitely not worth it in that case. Yea I reckon I will be switching to the Lazio too as just don't see the point in spending 60 euros more on a Napoli.In other news, it seems that Nish has posted the clearance site will be going live soon on his instagram. I'm not sure if this will be the same stuff at the same prices that was posted here a few pages back thanks to those who tracked it...
Not sure if you guys noticed but it seems some of the Seinna suits have gone up in price today. Now 469 Euros on the EU site from 399. Hope this isn't the beginning of a price hike on their entire range. Edit: Looks like some of the Napoli's I've been meaning to order for the past week have gone up 60 Euros as well.
Been contemplating that one since it was posted in the Pre-order as I really like the colour but the date kept getting pushed back so never quite managed to finish the order. If you do go ahead with it, some pics would be greatly appreciatedThat is a beautiful jacket, hope the fabric really is what it says on the site.
What he said, and thank you for sharing
That looks quite good, did you size down as some have suggested in this thread when it comes to the Napoli fit or go with your normal size?
Well it's a cotton / linen mix so ideal for spring/summer and really till the temperatures drop. The colour is a bit tricky in person as it's a slightly weird blue depending on the light but yes it's a great jacket, especially for the discounted price.Now if only they would drop the prices on some more of their collection, it would save a trip to Roermond.
Thanks, yeap will be sure to pick up a pair
The discounted SOHO turned up today and this being my first double breasted jacket I was wondering if perhaps the length was just a tad bit too long? Its a 36R so no shorter length available. I know timotune prefers his jackets slightly longer but not a 100% on the length so thought I would ask. Would appreciate your thoughts on the jacket. *Apologies for the shoes, just what I had on at the time This second image I feel shows the length the best..
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