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Has the Amok been redone? I remember when it first came out the actual colors in the store when I saw them were very dirty looking and pretty horrible all around. I was just in there today and saw three Amok's again but they all looked really good. There was no more intentional distressing on them and they looked super clean. They actually look just like they do on their website now
Even though they get some slack here, I love bonobos straight leg trousers. They fit me perfectly and are not too skinny nor too wide. Try out a pair. Free returns if you don't like them so nothing to lose!
FWIW the rep at shoebank told me that seconds do not usually come with shoe bags but that he included two sets of them for me for the two pairs I ordered. I inquired about the shoe bags after my order had already shipped from the store. The WI shoe bank has incredible customer service. I believe the gentleman I spoke with was Jeff.
Both of my seconds that I purchased from the shoe bank recently came with the maroon colored cloth bags.
Im using their Facebook promotion but I would live to stack the referal code if someone would be kind enough to share their referal with me. Thanks!
Up for sale is a brand new pair of AE Strand in the incredible "Walnut" color. These are a 8.5E. They turned out to be a little big for me. These are AE seconds which I received from the AE shoebank. There are no noticeable major flaws as the sales rep made sure to pick out the best pair he could find for me. Please note that there is a small mark intentionally made by AE on the bottom of the shoe to prevent returns to a retail store. These were only tried on once by...
So possibly a dumb question but how are you getting the toe box darker then the rest? Are you applying more conditioner/polish there or are the shoes just made like that?Also- for the player's shoe in suede. What would you recommend as far as protecting them? Especially in the winter.
My Milano triple stripe suit arrived today. WOW. Of the rack it fits great! Took it in to BB for alterations and should have it back in a couple days. Can't wait to wear it with my new walnut AE strands
Meant to say you are
I assume your kidding but is that even possible?
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