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To be honest, there aren't any rules for what constitutes a "better" tie. A tie is a very personal style statement. If you don't know your husband's style (which I'm sure no one on this forum does), then I'd keep away from buying a tie and find another gift.
Bottom line -- the Hanger Project hangers are worth every penny.
I generally tip the valet $5. However, when there is a crowd exiting at the same time, my car always seems to come up first.
Not EG. That is not the 888 last.
Brooks Brothers OCBD shirts are sold in neck and sleeve length sizes, not large, medium, small, etc. The slim fit is not all that slim.
Hugo Boss is discontinuing the Selection line.
Check to see if the truck show will have representative from Zegna taking measurements. I have had few problems with their skills.
If you have the build of a model, the cut of that suit would work in a law firm environment. Otherwise, no.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker I screwed this combo up by doing dark (way too dark) pants, but that has been remedied for this summer this is outstanding!
I've had both the BMW and the Audi (A6, not the A7). I'd definitely go with the Audi.
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