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Hello, So I received my magenta plaid shirt in medium, and I'm not sure if I should replace it for a large or not. Basically, the body fits really well, but the neck and shoulders are a bit tight. I can't do the top button, its just too tight. I have a Uniqlo slim fit ocbd in medium that fits pretty much perfectly. It's a tiny bit looser in than the Gustin. Essentially, I was wondering if a large gustin is closer to a medium uniqlo, or would the jump in size be just too...
I got a pair of them in 9.5ee 2 days ago. It felt like they were fine in the toe, but after wearing them to work,they are way too long. I think my toes are close to an inch away from the end. I order some superfeet insoles that might take up more space, but I doubt it's enough. Is it too late to do any kind of exchanges for the boot? I don't want to abuse the return policy for the boots, but if they allow the exchange that would be cool.
I am going a bit crazy trying to figure out what size I need. I bought a 9.5, 10, and 10.5 with the intention of returning what doesn't fit. The 9.5 and 10 are narrow, and the 10.5 is straight up way to big in all directions. So now I am thinking of trying wide sizes. How much width do these add if I get them in EE? Thanks.
They arrived, and I tried them on later in the day after running while wearing thick socks. The length is fine on the size 10. 9.5 is too small. However, they are a bit narrow. When breaking in, do they flatten out and give a bit on the width?
I just bought a pair in size 9.5 and 10 to try. They also have a 15% off coupon online that works on the boots.
I had a few questions. I am looking to get a pair of these, and I am not sure about sizing. I want to replace the insoles with a pair of superfeet insoles. Are the included insoles removable? I am about a size 10 in Addidas Sambas and a 10.5 in running shoes. Does anybody know how these run in comparison?
I am looking to get a pair of American Optical aviators. I was wondering if there was any advice for sizing, as I am deciding between 52 and 55 mm?
I got relatively large amount of black shoe polish on the yellow stitching of my doc martens. What can I do to remove that?
I'm 5'10 and 135 lbs, and my suit size is 36r. If I want to be able to do some layer, like a shirt and hoodie, should I order 36 or size down?
I got a question about sizing AO Aviators. I got no idea if I should get them in 52 or 55, and since I need them with prescription, I cannot buy both and return one. Any suggestions?
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