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Charcoal. No doubt. To go out shopping for a grill and to return with anything else would be like telling everyone you're out to buy a Corvette, then limping home in a Prius.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy kancho is the preferred method That's in Japan. In Korea they prefer the "ddong-chim". But your intentions are right and good.
Exercise, healthy regular small meals, keeping the company of good friends as much as possible. I find I get really cranky and my moods become very dark if I skip out on any of the above - especially the social side of things. I don't deal well with being alone for too long; that's a sure-fire way of the depression creeping up. Without someone to bounce thoughts off of, I tend to spiral downwards - yet I can recover amazingly quickly (this even amazes me, as I feel I...
I don't think they're overrated at all. Who else has produced such a diverse range of films, and (variously) as writers, producers and directors? I'd pick O Brother for the locations, Clooney's dialogue, and the overall "feel" of the film. One of the rare movies I can watch multiple times. Loved No Country for Chigurh though. What a thoroughly creepy psycho he was. Somehow he even managed to look stylish even despite that haircut. Perhaps I should start carrying...
Above-average-looking guy, aged 45-50. Would look younger in better-fitting clothes and after losing 10lbs. Drives a Cadillac CTS, non-sports version. His attractive but slightly overweight, perma-fad-dieting 40-year-old wife has a classic Mercedes-Benz 350SL. Possibly also has a Prius in the family 3-car garage. Enjoys listening to Michael Buble and Art Garfunkel on his $3500 stereo. Does not post on SF, believing most MC regulars to be vain and limpwristed dandies....
^ So basically, wine, women and song, in the finest Celtic tradition. All of which I heartily appreciate myself. Though from the thrifting, you must be of Scottish rather than Irish descent, you tightfisted langer!
Mein favoriten habbits ist: Scottie Pippen Cocks's Orange Pippen Dildo Freud-o Fraud-o (Nigerian prince of hobbits) But my favourite addiction is Jane's Addiction, especially Mountain Song and Three Days.
Did he turn to you and sing "it's not funny, my ass is on fire"?
People who start threads about seven habits, then fail to deliver a single post with that number of items. Also, pedantic, slightly obsessive people who notice such details and feel the need to comment on them. Fuckin' jerktards.
Holy thread derail, Batman! All I saw was boob and panties. Lost interest in OP's question. Did you really expect anyone to focus on the jackets?
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