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Quote: Originally Posted by ShyBoy i hate it when ppl use this fuckin was made up by gyms so they can entice women to do weights ''you wont get big doing weights,we will just help you tone up'' So what term would you use?
Quote: Originally Posted by scugger I just wear Asics running shoes. and only the running shoes? I like Asics too, Brookes have a similar "construction", if thats the right word.
I second that, its the gym not a bloody fashion show. I just wear whatever is comfortable, breath well, and absorbs sweat. Usually an old cotton t-shirt and a pair of shorts.
to lose fat - lots of cardio and sweat, you really need to put your heart in the training zone. Spin classes, running, cycling would all help. to tone up (not bulk up) - moderate weight training with more reps in each set. Spot reduction is not possible, but spot toning is. So you can probably do bench presses, pushups etc to help you bulk up a bit in the upper body after you lose the layer of fat. Exercise is only half the equation, you'd also need to eat a healthy and...
I only buy Ray Ban. some ppl seem to think Police is good too but I don't have any personal experience with them
where about r u? I live in the western suburbs. I usually use this Vietnamese tailor out in Cabramatta, he keeps the original hem for around $17-$20.
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