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Due to the incident, I have no choice but to adjust the price for the rest of the shoe trees (i.e. ones without cracks) to cover my loss. They are now $25/pair. I apologise in advance, hope you can understand. ALL SOLD, thank you guys for your support and understanding
The 18 pairs of shoe trees I ordered last month have finally arrived. Unfortunately there are four, all right side, with a crack in them. The fifth one in the photo has clearly been used for some time, so I will not sell that one. The seller, who's in the US, has offered me a refund less shipping which is pointless because postage would certainly cost more than the shoe trees themselves. The cracks are unsightly, but do not affect the functionality in any way. It bugs me...
hey guy, I've been getting lots of PMs about the shoe trees so I've decided to do it again now that I've got some free time on my hand. I bought another 18 pairs from another Ebay seller, these are exactly the same as the ones I've been getting, they are now on their way to Australia! Unfortunately due to an increase in shipping cost, even with the better exchange rate, the price has gone up by a whopping 50 cents to $23/pair. Same deal, direct deposite preferred, add...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien Don't waste your money. Anything between $10-1000 is pointless when it comes to watches. I do not agree with this sentiment. I own a Tissot Le Locle, paid $320 US for it on Ebay. It's an extremely well made watch for the price point. Obviously it's no comparison to my IWC, but that would be like comparing apples with oranges.
Quote: Originally Posted by Svenn I don't know where the stereotype of the ass-less asian girl comes from... I'm Asian and I like to check out girl's asses too. IMO it's true that african and caucasian women have bottoms that stick out more than Asian girls (actually the same goes for men as well but we won't go there). My theory is that it may have to do with the length of the pelvis. In terms of the actual measurement, most asian girls...
Where did you find all these pics? This forum is creepy.
What's wrong with just going to a party and enjoying the atmosphere? Have some booze and watch the crowd. Also, I can never understand why a bloke is too afraid to go up to another bloke and just talk about stuff. Are you afraid of being "rejected" by a dude? lol But I must admit I have that problem with women though, it's a lot harder to just walk up to a chick in a pub/club and "chat her up".
Quote: Originally Posted by Lafont Actually the silvery buttons do look better than zippers, but who's looking? +10000000 zippers on jeans are for dorks
I put one in the car
nothing fancy, everything I'm wearing is OTR and none from a SF's approved brand (except maybe for the watch, Tissot Le Locle).
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