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It's probably not the watch per se that will impress the ladies but rather the message that it conveys. I know what you mean by "the missing link". Girls pay attention to details, i.e. your shoes, cufflinks, watch etc. as well as the whole package. The watch completes that package. I'll probably get crucified for saying this but you might want to look at getting a Tag Heuer since it's one of the most recognised brands out there by the mass market.
I wear 7.5G in Church's, in particular the 130 last, what size should I go for in Cheaney's? C&J's are not an option for me, I own a couple of pairs but unfortunately they do not fit me very well, and the choices are very limited in their wider F fitting. Thanks in advance.
They have at least two flagship stores here in Sydney that I know of. From what I've seen, the brand is quite popular amongst Chinese (and perhaps other Asians and Caucasians as well) in their 20's and early 30's, with most of whom pronoucing the word as its more offensive anagram.
I don't have a cellar so I store my wines in a wine cabinet/fridge which is set to a constant temperature of 14 degrees celsius.
I don't find any particular brand annoying, the only one that comes close is probably FCUK.
Changed price from Aussie dollars to US dollars, which equates to a 6% price drop.
Changed from Aussie dollars to US dollars, that's essentially a 6% price drop.
Price drop, $446.5
Price (in US dollars): $80 + shipping Condtion: as new, only worn once, comes in its original box Payment: PayPal or Direct Deposite only Shipping: will ship to anywhere in Australia by registered prepaid parcel at buyer's cost, pickup is welcome. I can also ship internationally at buyer's cost.
In my culture, men are supposed to wear their watch on the left wrist. Maybe it's because of the nature of the written language it is extremely rare to meet a person who can write with their left hand. The only lefty in my family is my uncle who holds his chop-sticks with his left hand. But I digress.
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