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Hmmm. I had Batman Begins(start of the reboot)in mind. Although now, thinking about it, maybe BB was as well reviewedd as TDK or TDKR. I will have to check Rotten Tomatoes to see.Anyways, back to the MoS topic - I am gonna stop reading reviews till I see the movie. Some of the reviews are giving away too much of the movie.
Heh! I think that is part the review too.In any case, a bunch of the reviews I have been reading seem to lament that it is humorless, dark, nobody-cracks-a-smile, not Reeve, etc(in essence) and it was getting stale - to me, at least. I thought this review was a good counterpoint. As for me, I am ok with a redo and the darker tones and what not. But then again, I am one of those who liked the Batman reboot. Oh well!!
Thought I would put this review here. Most other reviews seem to harp on the comparison to Christopher Reeve, darker tone, etc, etc. I thought this one and a few others seem to not be weighted down by the past. I, for one, can't wait to see this.
Early reviews are trickling in. Looks promising.
Are they discontinuing the Quantum organization/Mr White(Jesper Christensen) storyline?
Heh! Most of the time, I arrive at the scene(or the thread, as it were) and find that everything has been said(or asked). Hence, my relative silence. This time, I think I came upon the review about minutes after it appeared and so, voila. Hope this review is accessible and not behind the WSJ paywall.
I thought I would contribute in here as I have been lurking on this thread for a while(great thread!). A review from the WSJ is out.
I received my tie a few days ago. It is the orange one and it is superlatively nice. Now I am hooked. - JR
Am thinking of getting an Ipad but I wanted to see if anyone has any idea on how to do the following or if anyone has tried this before. - I currently log into my work laptop from my home PC by using a VPN client(Nortel Networks Contivity client) to log on to my company's network and then running Microsoft Terminal Services Client(MSTSC) to access my work laptop. I would like to do the same or similar with the Ipad. I have seen that there is a Remote Desktop app for...
Second the recommendation for The Cloisters. Beautiful place - a little difficult to get to but worth it. Also, if you have some time to kill in the Midtown East area, the Morgan Library is worth checking out.
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