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Come on now. If you're going to flip those from eBay for over twice what you paid, you have to at least wait til you get the shoes and take your own pics. Link
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 Isn't this considered thread shitting? Is calling out a lie thread shitting?
Quote: Originally Posted by agavilanes A friend offered to me a pair of brand new Ralph Lauren Double Monks, Tan Color in US 9.5 for USD 300 (Retails for USD 475) My friend can hold'em until tomorrow afternoon. Your friend eBay??? At cost??? Link
Nice Stuff. I wish that RLBL was a 42R!!!
Can you start posting all of your shoes in 1 thread??? It is getting pretty obnoxious that you bump 3-4 threads at a time (w/ very small price drops). Think of the other people.
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