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Why the hell does Brooks not sell a crewneck lambswool sweater? I don't want a cable one. Just plain.
What do people think of the Shetland saddle shoulder crewneck sweaters? Is it worth the coin?
Bump. Would still like to buy some now that summer has come around again.
Quote: Originally Posted by earthdragon Received notification from my SA, on further markdowns of RLPL Sportswear and Tailored stuff - effective today. I do not know how many %. Happy Hunting! anything on rlbl?
That blue 36R linen SC is beautiful. Which photo best represents the true color?
Beautiful pants. Wish you had something in a 30.
Ok, I'll go up to $100.
Title says it all. Preferably both cotton and linen, but I don't think RLBL makes linen dress shirts. Willing to pay $90. Maybe slightly more if they are hard to find.
Wish that Inco were a 30
Quote: Originally Posted by abcx How much does a RLBL shirt work out to after this discount? It's 30 + 15 on the shirts, right? Quoting myself, but whatever. Called my local store in the Bay Area and apparently RLBL shirts are $325 with 30% + 15% off. So about $200 after tax. Still too rich for my blood. No mark downs yet according to the SA. Anyone have a different experience?
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