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For those who were looking at the French site but were unable to order because they don't speak the language: here's another site from France that is available in English and has round waxed cotton laces from 45 to 180 cm length (not just the standard 75 cm). Also much cheaper than, say, Benjo's. Many colours and free delivery from as little as two pairs even to the US and many other countries: http://www.mylaces.com/round-thin-laces.html Myself, I just put in an order...
16. Solid Green Weave (Same pattern as #13) – 100% Wool and 23. Light Blue with Brown and Tan Stripe – 100% Cashmere BOUGHT Bump
Looking to buy a pair of Deakin & Francis cufflinks in a rare design (see photo). If you got them for sale, or have an idea who might, please let me know. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger I'm sure PMC has already frozen their paypal account, and created a new one. And how exactly would freezing their account and creating a new one help them, unless they change the name of their company?
I assume Performance Motor Cars will want to continue using their Paypal account for their own business. So publishing stuff like this on the Internet (yes, what's published in this forum can be read by anyone on the Internet!) is likely to harm their legitimate business, as any Paypal payment they make (and probably any payment they make from other accounts) will become suspicious. People will also be less likely to make any payments into any accounts associated with...
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu I really dont think that their monetization model is to steal a couple bucks from random users, so calling it a scam is libel (slander is spoken word btw). I really doubt that they froze your account because of logging in from a different computer, I login every day from 5 or 6 machines... but hey, I dont know your situation. The point here is that freezing accounts is entirely arbitrary and without redress....
To accuse someone of being a scammer because of what Paypal does is slander to say the least. Paypal is a scam and has stolen hundreds of dollars from me and many others. They froze an account of mine simply because I logged in from a different computer than usual. They asked me to upload a number of documents in a so-called "resolution center" - but the upload link they refered to was not there. No way I could upload what they wanted - and therefore they just kept my...
Don't you have a fifth one? Five times $60 would be just enough to pay the $300 fine you're likely to incure once LA Guy sees that you're answering questions in the thread (bumping it in that way) and bans you from the forum. Personally I don't care, just saying. I can't figure out why someone would want to wear a felt flower(?) in their lapel. What am I missing?
Got mine today; gold peccary size 10. Well deserved bump.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrooklynWeGoHard that would make too much sense, right? Updates would be really helpful. Does the seller answer to PMs when the gloves are not available anymore? I sent a PM more than 8 hours ago and haven't heard back (granted, Sunday...). Does anyone know if #41 is still up for grabs?
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