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Ah, this would have been gone if the pants were a 32" waist. Good luck!!!
What is the fit like with the Haspel suit? Classic? Slim? True to size with respect to cut(classic/slim)?
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol You could get a steam press to use at home ... Or alternatively, stop being anal and just wear your damn clothes. Linen wrinkles, if that's a huge issue for you don't wear linen. So ironing is not an option? And normally I don't care but I had to be in car for a few hours so they were REALLY wrinkled. I'll look into a steam press...
This was asked early so pardon the thread jack again. I just bought a linen suit, wore it once and just dropped it at the dry cleaners today to be cleaned/pressed. The pants were horribly wrinkled and the jacket really wasn't. Can you press linen pants at home with an iron or is dry cleaning their only option??
The rise looks a bit high on the pants, front and rear; however, I am young and prefer a shorter rise. Other than that, the suit looks great to me. Love the color!!
I have dated girls with poor grammer before and it doesn't get any better. Our relationships never really got to the point either where I felt comfortable correcting them so my advice to you is to probably move along if it is bothering you now. It isn't going to get worse, it just isn't going to change; unless, you have the balls to start correcting her. EDIT: Should have read the entire thread before posting, whoops! Good luck!!
Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife my spring jackets look like this: baracuta g9 in tan ralph lauren harrington --- red (i get more compliments on this than any other garment in my wardrobe) vintage baracuta by van heusen in black linen engineered garments norfolk green plaid woolrich woolen mills pen jacket tan woolrich woolen mills upland jacket blue unlined poplin engineered garments bedford big E levi's type II vintage russell...
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