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Is there room to be let out in the waist and seat in the Zegna suit trousers, as well as the hickey trousers?
Payment sent, thank you!!
Outsole measurements? I typically wear a 10.5D in Allen Edmonds. Do these fit true to size?
Price drop: 68 shipped
Can you please take measurements of the rise, thigh, and leg opening of the flannel DB? Very interested!!
Sold, already!!
SOLD You guys know the deal here. Bought these last week off of another member and they are too tight for me. Great navy staple! Incotex - High Comfort - Tags cut W 30, R 9.5, LO 7.8 70 SHIPPED -Brett
Received the pair I ordered today. Thank you!!! Good luck with the rest of your sales.
PM sent requesting Paypal info! Also, any chance at a better picture of the "off white" pair? Hard to tell the shade of the pants in that picture....
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