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Another attempt at a casual fit. After looking over the pictures I am not sold on the shoes. Too much blue?? Comments please!!
Quote: Originally Posted by J Darnielle Looks good. Details on everything? Thanks! Shirt - Gap Chinos - BB Milano Wheels - Church's
Long time lurker. Don't think I have ever posted a fit. Will only be wearing a suit a few time between now and October, hence the casual fit today. Critique/comments are always welcome. Have a great afternoon!
PM sent(2 actually, sorry!)
PM sent
THANK YOU!!! Just stocked up on boxers!
I am in the market for a new pair of jeans. I am a MC lurker so I'm not too knowledgeable when it comes to jeans. I have tried, and failed, with a pair of APC NS 28's. I am a true 32" waist with muscular thighs and those were PAINTED on in the seat and thighs. I just did some more research and found a post stating a members APC NS 29's fully stretched and washed 4 times yielded a 32" waist and 12" thighs, which would work for me. How much break in time/what methods did...
Quote: Originally Posted by Al_Merick Has the HY suit been sold? ??
Has the HY suit been sold?
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