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First SW&D post. Not sure I'm sold on the shoes with this and ignore the watch. I changed it after the photos. Critiques/Comments please!!
^ GREAT fit, Rob!! I love the lack of a pocket square with this fit.
Looking for a pair of 405's in a size 10. Let me know what you have and email pics to Thanks, Brett
Apologize for my confusion but are the Gap jeans you are offering a 34x30 AND a 30x28??
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Are those Louboutins? Yes, good eye. I've been to quite a few horse races(Preakness, Derby, Belmont, etc.) in owners boxes and judging by the glass of champagne, I'm lead to believe she is in some way associated with an owner/trainer/jockey. Her outfit is extremely too provocative for these types of events and I'm sure more than one person was embarrassed to be associated with her yesterday. She would be a hit...
Thanks for never responding to my PM's.....
Pictures and more measurement have been added. Pains me to get rid of these as they are the most comfortable pair of raw/selvedge demin I've handled. PM me w/ any further questions!
Payment sent. Thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Austin Hill indian madras. Another example from last year: Jacket appears to have a lot more shape through the waist in this picture. Has this jacket been let out? Your post with it today seems to have a lot less shape to it....
Never realized how ill-fitting the shirt was until I saw these Last post for the week. Headed to "the shore" now. Thanks for all the critiques on my previous posts. Have a great weekend!
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